About me

I'm Kaloyan, an undergrad from Sofia, Bulgaria studying Computer Science at Yale. I'm interested in the way technology shapes culture and art. I'm also really into music production and filmmaking, as well as writing and graphic design.

I've been shooting and editing video for as long as I can remember, everything from animated shorts to live-action commercials.

I write about people, words, Bulgaria and the internet. Sometimes all at once.


My Latest Projects

state exam 3x2 for projects part.png


Paper published in the Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education (BJSEP), Volume 14, Number 1, 2020.

It surveys the format and logistics of the Bulgarian State Maturity Exam and proposes three independent modifications adapted from the most popular college admissions test in the U.S., the ACT.

Read here.

vreme 3x2 for projects part.png


A little SuperCollider program that produces music based on weather data - temperature, humidity and wind speed.

Inspired​ by nature, timezones and the works of Mort Garson & Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Find out more here.