The typical C@Y videos from past years were 15-minute cheesy live-action explainers, which were neither engaging, nor informative.

I decided to rethink the concept and instead produce a 4-minute animated short that would give students only the information they need, but keep them engaged with colorful visuals.

The video was the centerpiece of the 2020 Computing@Yale campaign, and has been seen by 500+ students (half of the incoming class) and used by both Yale College and the Yale Law School.


The biggest challenge of the project was the tight deadline - I had less than a month to come up with the concept, write the script, draw the storyboards, do the animation, sound design and editing.

Since the deadline meant that there wouldn't be much time for revisions, I made sure to finalize the brief, script and storyboards before starting the animation.


I animated in After Effects and designed the graphics in Illustrator. Editing and sound design were done in Premiere Pro.


Summer 2020

Computing@Yale is the annual campaign of the Yale Student Technology Collaborative that introduces incoming first-years to the technology resources at the university.